Custom Weight Loss For Women

DHEA is the most abundant hormone in the body and peaks around the age of 20. Study’s show DHEA decreases by as much as 50% by age 40 and loss of DHEA can result in wide-reaching hormonal imbalances. BodybyDesign’s youth enhancement formula of DHEA includes homeopathic ingredients and herbal extracts for the most powerful synergistic complex available.

This fast and safe lose a pound a day program is available for the first time in North America and has been used successfully in Europe as well as in Australia. This program was formulated by a Swiss doctor and has never been replicated before now.

The beauty of this program is that it is customized for your specific needs. If you want to lose 10 pounds or 100 pounds we have the right program for you. Although exercise will enhance your results, it is purely optional.

This program is designed to address the most common causes of weight gain, which include hormone balance, body PH, metabolic rate and cravings for unhealthy fat-producing foods. It’s composed of several high quality products each in of itself, are designed to help you lose fat quickly; but combined together it makes this program foolproof.

You can lose a pound a day and not have to starve yourself


No Drugs


No Surgery


No Packaged Foods


No Counting Calories

This health promoting synergistic program includes a seven day body detoxification at the cellular level and includes a guide of how to change your eating habits in accordance to the proper nutritional needs and demands of your body.

Your road to a healthier, happier and thinner body begins with contacting us today for a free consultation so we may answer any questions you may have about this revolutionary program.