Water Revolution

Your $495 Alkaline Water Solution

Introducing… The AlkaRev™
The all-new, truly affordable, Energized Media™ alkaline water machine.

In recent years, thousands of people have been fortunate to be introduced to the existence and benefits of antioxidant alkaline water which can be created with a small home appliance called a water ionizer, designed and manufactured almost exclusively in the Asian market. Unfortunately, most water ionization equipment has carried a price tag which is unrealistic for the average consumer, the most popular models ranging from $995 up to $3,895. Further, the sizable investment in this water ionization equipment does not guarantee a high level of water filtration or removal of harmful contaminants. Often, additional filtration devices must be installed to increase removal of contaminants (such as reverse osmosis) are used. We often refer to this water ionizer technology as Generation 2 technology.


Nature’s Perfect Purification

New water filtration media has emerged which has the ability to alter the pH chemistry and the antioxidant capability of the water much like an electric water ionizer does, while more effectively removing dangerous contaminants more effectively. This new technology significantly reduces costs, allows Water Revolution to assemble a water unit solution here in America and, actually produces a final drinking water that more closely mimics nature’s perfect purification process.


Why Water Revolution?

  • No Electricity Needed – works when you need it to.
  • Revolutionary Energized Media™ – the media itself creates the water’s energy shift.
  • Portable Counter Top Configuration – set-up in minutes!
  • Enhanced Filtration Capability – New CeramProtect™ technology reduces Chlorine, Chloramines, plus other chemical agra and pharma contaminants. Proprietary miniature pore size element also reduces organic contaminants such as Bacteria, Viruses and Cysts.
  • Revolutionary Value – up to 800% lower cost than other alkaline water solutions.