Health & Wellness

Men’s Youth Enhancement Creme

Testosterone is required for a strong libido, regulating and burning fat, maintaining good muscle mass, increasing energy, strengthening bone density, regulating blood sugar and blood pressure and preventing depression.

Women’s Youth Enhancement Creme

DHEA is the most abundant hormone in the body and peaks around the age of 20. Studies show DHEA decreases by as much as 50% but age 40 and loss of DHEA can result in wide reaching hormonal imbalances.

HGH Creme

Stimulates tissue repair, cell replacement and brain function. HGH promotes fat burning while increasing muscle mass, restoring skin thickness, elasticity, smoothing wrinkles, rejuvenating hair, promoting deeper sleep and improves sexual performance and pleasure.

Thermo Sea

This special sea vegetable liquid is like nothing you’ve ever seen before. It not only helps you lose weight; it promotes your health. Benefits include:

  • Iodine which assists in losing weight by affecting the thyroid gland and more or less kicks in your metabolism.
  • Great source of magnesium which could help with heart health.
  • Contains chromium and vanadium to help to correct any blood sugar challenges.
  • Contains natural iron for patients with anemia.
  • Anti-inflammatory properties that help reverse premature aging.
  • Antioxidants help strengthen the immune system to fight off free radical damage leading to other serious health challenges.
  • Contains up to 74% natural iodine, which promotes healthy breast tissue in females.

Progesterone Creme

This is 2% micronized all natural progesterone creme, which helps relieve PMS, protects against benign growths and prevents blood clots. Progesterone is a woman’s lifesaver.

Progesterone PE Creme

100% soy-free progesterone creme with added Phytoestrogens: hormone like chemicals found in plants. Vital estrogens have potential health benefits such as reducing incidences of breast cancer, prostate cancer and cardiovascular disease as well as providing protection against osteoporosis and menopausal symptoms.

Ultra Cleanse

A body cleanser that fights free radicals, has antiviral properties, is antifungal and anti-bacterial. Helps maintain bowel regularity, delivers an antibiotic affect, and supports the immune and lymphatic systems. It comes from seven natural herbs and is completely 100% gluten-free.

Fusion Minerals

A professional strength all natural mineral supplement. Too much of one trace element can lead to imbalances in others, thus resulting in disease, rather than the absence of disease. Simply stated, these trace elements and minerals must exist in relative balance in the fluids, cells, organs and tissues of the body to contribute to human health.

West Coast Metabolic Drops

Provides added support for optimal thyroid and adrenal function to truly make this a one-of-a-kind weight-loss product. It is hormone free “no HCG”.

Full Meal Protein Shake

The protein in this shake is the best whey protein powder for building muscle, bone, skin and other tissues. This protein comes in a powder form “chocolate or vanilla” and is ready to drink. This shake is your best alternative to a healthy meal. It helps your muscle glycogen, a fuel source to give you energy, when it’s needed. This product also helps decrease infections, lessens heat exhaustion and muscle soreness, plus it assists with weight loss.

Additional products available through Body By Design

B12 Cream

Absorption of oral vitamin B12 is extremely poor. This highly absorbable B 12 is equivalent to 5000 MCH of oral B 12.

Vitamin C Cream

Brightens and lightens the skin and reverses sun damage; powerful combination for a more even skin tone.

Melatonin Cream

For better sleep. Topical night cream works naturally to support the bodies own melatonin production, which contributes to falling asleep quicker.

Vitamin D3 Cream

Vitamin D3 is the only natural form of vitamin D. Each half press of the pump dispenses 2000 IU of vitamin D3.

Anti-inflammation Drops

Ecologically harvested herbal compounding formula helps to control/decrease inflammation.